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Salty Canyon-2
Episode number 8
World World Two
Levels 96 - 110
Characters Alien
Champion title Licorice Astronaut
New features 5-move
Released June 7, 2012
Difficulty Hard
Previous Next
Bubblegum Bridge Peppermint Palace

Salty Canyon is the eighth episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is the second episode of World Two. This episode was released on June 7, 2012. The champion title is entitled Licorice Astronaut.

It is an extremely tricky episode and available to be voted as the Hardest Episode in the Game, due to the numerous appearances and amounts of Candy Bombs that come in the levels.


Before episode:
Tiffi finds an alien with his spaceship broken. As the name suggests, this canyon is filled with salt.
After episode:
Tiffi uses an unknown tool, possibly the tool to repair spaceships. Then, the single-eyed alien becomes happy. In the meantime, a current is conducted between the two antennae. Then, a spaceship paves a way to pick up the alien. The episode ends.

New thingsEdit


Salty Canyon
Salty Canyon Background.
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Salty Canyon contains levels 96 to 110. This episode contains a lot of difficult levels, all of which are due to bombs, which can be frustrating. Levels 97 and 98 are the most difficult moves levels. Other notorious difficult levels include 102 and 109. Aside from those levels, 99, 100, 103, 104, 105, 107 and 110 are also quite tricky. With 11 hard levels, this is one of the most tricky episodes, with an average difficulty of hard. Levels 102 and 109 Are Very Hard Levels and the hardest episode in Salty Canyon!! All 8 Jelly Levels are problematic and hard for some people (especially Level 109)

This episode is considered to be one of the hardest episodes in the game. Almost every level in this episode is hard. In fact, levels 96, 101 and 108 are the only easy levels in the entire episode.

There are 8 Jelly Levels Jelly, 4 Target Score Levels Target score, 2 Ingredients Levels Ingredient drop and 1 Time level Timed. Check out the gallery below for links to specific levels within this episode!

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.



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