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Episode number 30
World World Five
Levels 426 - 440
Characters Minty
Champion title Rainbow Catcher
New features N/A
Released July 17, 2013
Difficulty Medium-Hard
Previous Next
Soda Swamp Butterscotch Boulders

Rainbow Runway is the thirtieth episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is the sixth and final episode of World Five. This episode was released on July 17, 2013. The champion title for this episode is the Rainbow Catcher.


Before episode:
Minty the Pegasus has eaten too much candy and cannot fly, and she asks Tiffi to help give her a boost. Tiffi says that helping is her specialty.
After episode:
Tiffi grabs a chocolate teeter-totter to use as a catapult. She jumps on it to send Minty flying in midair. Minty can once again fly.

New thingsEdit

  • Nothing new is released.


Rainbow Runway contains levels 426-440. 

This episode can be known as the continuation of Soda Swamp, but is not as hard as the latter. It contains 4 very hard levels like 434, 437, 438 and 440, tied with Pastille Pyramid to have 4 very hard levels. Levels 427, 428, and 432 are also considered quite hard in the episode. However, there are some easy levels such as 426, 430431, 435 and 439. As a result, it is a considerably hard episode.

There are 6 jelly levels (Jelly), 4 ingredients levels (Ingredient drop), 4 candy order levels (Objective) and 1 timed level (Timed). Check out the gallery/directory below for links to specific levels within this episode!

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.


  • This episode has Alliteration.
  • The webside hoaxed a fake episode 30. It was supposedly called "Cupcake Forest" and contained 7 jelly levels, 5 ingredients levels, 2 candy order levels and 1 timed level. This was clearly a hoax, as there has already been a cupcake-themed episode, Cupcake Circus, and no episode has had as few as two candy order levels, besides Ice Cream Caves and Sticky Savannah. then explained they got the false information from the regular Candy Crush Saga Wikipedia page and apologized for the false information.
  • Before the release, if you
    20140308 sodaswamp
    Look at the top of the map! There is a dark blue episode,without level type icon or number.
    scrolled to the very top of the board, the first 3 spaces of the episode could be seen, but the spaces had no level type icon or number, and the colour was a dark blue, although this episode's colour is pink.
  • Upon its release, when you're playing timed levels, displaying "Get (required points) points!" is now "Get (required points) points in (time) seconds!".
  • Level 440 starts with thirty-three locked candy bombs, just like as 180.
  • Level 438 is the 99th candy order level and it is nearer on Level 441, the 100th candy order level.
  • Level 435 is a candy order level to have the most amount of candies, with 750. There are 25 moves only, but there are 4 colours. Previously, level 281 had the most amount of candies.
  • Levels 440 until Level 530 are all levels that ending in 0 are hard. Level 440 is a very-insanely hard jelly level because of the 33 locked candy bombs like Level 180, Level 450 is a medium-hard jelly level, Level 460 is a hard-very hard ingredients level, Level 470 is a hard jelly level, Level 480 is a very hard level, Level 490 is a hard jelly level, Level 500 is a major milestone, which is an insanely hard ingredients level and it is available to be the hardest level in the game because of abundance of icing squares, Level 510 is a medium-hard jelly level, Level 520 is a medium-hard level like levels 450 and 510, Level 530 is a very hard jelly level and it is available to be voted as the hardest level in the game like level 500 because there are 30 moves with 5 colours and a lot of isolated jelly squares and a 7-move bomb like Level 165. However, the trend stops at Level 540 because it is a medium jelly level.


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