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A group of Rainbow Candies

Chameleon Candies or Alternating Candies or Rainbow Candies are a unique type of candy, first introduced in Level 306 on the 22nd episode Savory Shores. These candies change their colour after each move that is made, and alternate between two colours.

They are easy to tell apart from normal candies as they have a small pink aura around them and a rainbow sweeps across them every few seconds.

Many players consider Rainbow Candies annoying as they can take away a possible match therefore having to make a match elsewhere to get the candies to change back. Other users have complained that the flashing candies cause dizziness and headaches.

Sometimes, Rainbow Candies are found behind Marmalade.


Rainbow Candies first appear in level 306 and in almost every level in Savory Shores.

After that, however, they are a rare sight, only appearing very rarely. Many episodes don't have any levels with Rainbow Candies at all. There can be tens of levels without Rainbow Candies, and every now and again they make a one-off appearance. There are no Rainbow Candies between Level 472 and Level 512, and thereafter none until Level 527.


  • Although chameleon candy is also known as a rainbow candy, it is not multi-coloured. It toggles between two colours.
  • It can come out of a mystery candy, but such an outcome is pretty uncommon (rare if it's before level 306).
  • In Dreamworld, if the colors have been removed by moonstruck, the colors can still appear from Chameleon when changing colors.


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