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Pastille Pyramid
Episode number 12
World World Two
Levels 156 - 170
Characters Mummy
Champion title Pastille Pharaoh
New features Chocolate Fountain
Released August 16, 2012
Difficulty Very hard
Previous Next
Gingerbread Glade Cupcake Circus

Pastille Pyramid is the twelfth episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is the sixth and final episode of World Two. This episode was released on August 16, 2012. The champion title for this episode is Pastille Pharaoh.

This episode is extremely hated for having 4 very hard levels. It is available to be voted the Hardest Episode in the Game.


Before episode: Tiffi encounters a mummy who is very tired and is unable to enter his pyramid due to a rat that has taken the key from him.

After episode: Tiffi throws three candies on the ground to pile up the sand and to lure the rat. As to thank Tiffi, he willingly returns the key to its rightful owner. Then, when the key is used to open the pyramid, an opening is seen.

New thingsEdit

  • This episode introduces the notorious Chocolate Spawner that is capable of randomly creating chocolate.
  • There is also a new booster named "Bubblegum Troll," which is very similar to the character Bubblegum Troll.  He can make all the chocolate in the board disappear and block chocolate fountains for a few moves.


3primetime3Added by 3primetime3

Although it has some easy levels, this episode is considered to be one of the hardest episodes in Candy Crush. Pastille Pyramid contains 4 very hard levels 158, 165, 167 and 169. This is the highest number of very hard levels in the whole Candy Crush Saga game. (Salty Canyon also had 4, but 2 of them have been downgraded, whereas all very hard levels in Pastille Pyramid kept their original difficulty. However, Rainbow Runway also has 4 very hard levels as well, no nerfed.) Plus, the episode also includes other hard levels, like 159, 161 and 162. Because of all this, it is considered the second hardest episode in the entire game, behind Soda Swamp. Its average difficulty is very hard.

This episode is considered to be the second hardest episode in the game. Most of it's levels are hard. Levels 156, 157, 160 and 163 are the only easy levels in this episode.

There are 5 jelly levels Jelly, 5 candy order levels Objective, 3 ingredients levels Ingredient drop and 2 timed levels Timed. Check out the gallery directory below for links to specific levels within this episode!

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.



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