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Odus is the main mascot of Dreamworld. Odus is the owl that carries Tiffi off to Dreamworld when she goes to sleep since she is tired from helping all those mascots. Odus balances on the moon scale.


Odus has a violet-theme colour body, which matches the night sky. He has a very three dimensional look, even though he is just animated artwork. His eyebrows resemble purple striped candy canes, and his wings are a bit small. If you look closely when he is in a nervous state, you can see that his feet and wings are not connected to his body. During moon struck, he is seen flying into the middle of the board (where a moon appears), turning into a silhouette, and then blowing up the colour matching the left side of the moon scale in a five-colour level, or both colours on the moon scale in a six-colour level.


Odus on the moon scale

There are two random coloured candies on either side of the moon scale that Odus sits on. The candies of the two colours on the moon scale must be balanced to prevent it from leaning too far over on one side, and eventually completely tipping over the scale that can cause Odus to fall off. If too many candies of a particular colour on the moon scale are cleared without the other colour balancing it, Odus will eventually fall off and you fail the level. The more the scale leans to one side, the more worried Odus becomes in fear of falling off the scale. On mobile devices, if the moon scale completely tips over, Odus will look down at the bottom, have an elongated body, and will fall, covering his eyes with his wings, resulting in a failure of that level. On Facebook, he seems to just jump down from the moon scale.

Sometimes, as always in the game, a single switch can escalate into a large cascade. If this happens in Dreamworld when moon struck is not activated or if the level objective is not completed, too many of one colour could be collected in the cascade and through no fault of your own, cause a life to be lost. Odus also makes the use of special candies risky in general (especially colour bombs), as special candies generally result in a large amount of candies being cleared, which could again trigger Odus to fall. "Divine!" cascades are also dangerous.

Because of this, Odus has become one of the most hated elements and the most hated character in the game.


  • He is present in every Dreamworld level except the pre-buff level 277 and original level 440 and he will definitely be present in any future levels of Dreamworld.
  • Obviously, Odus does not say the words "Moon Struck". It is in fact, Mr. Toffee, who says it. See more at Voice.
  • After the player successfully completes the objectives of a level, Odus will dance happily on the moon scale. On Facebook, he flaps his wings. On mobile devices, he jumps on the moon scale.
  • Although Odus is the most hated character in the game, it is not Odus that makes you lose. It's the moon scale that does so, but since Odus is the character associated with the moon scale, he is hated equally. However, Odus made the choice to go on the moon in the first place, so the hate for Odus is not unwarranted. It could be the moon scale's fault that it tips Odus, but Odus actually set himself up for it.
  • It is unknown if Odus really has the ability to fly. He is seen flying during moonstruck, but this is really strange, as Odus does not fly when he is about to fall.
  • People have been confused by the gender of Odus for months. It is now confirmed that Odus is a male owl.
  • There is some inconsistency in terms of the colour of the holders that Odus has. In Sleepy Slopes, Odus has gold colour holders but in Sweet Dreams, the official website and when Odus falls over, Odus has green holders.


  • Odus!
  • Odus on mobile devices.
  • I am flying
  • I am landing on the moon scale.
  • I am preparing to sleep.
  • Yawn....
  • I am taking off.
  • ZZZ... (Facebook)
  • ZZZ... (mobile)
  • Ahh! I slid! (Facebook)
  • Ahh! I slid! (mobile)
  • Whew! That was close! I'm watching you...
  • Sigh.
  • Am I seeing... that I'm gonna fall?
  • Stop! Destroy a purple candy, or I am going to fall! (Facebook)
  • Stop! Destroy a purple candy, or I am going to fall! (mobile)
  • Oh no! Mayday! Mayday! (Facebook)
  • Oh no! Mayday! Mayday! (mobile)
  • ODUS FELL DOWN! (Facebook)
  • ODUS FELL DOWN! (mobile)
  • Hurray! I did not fall! (Facebook)
  • Hurray! I did not fall! (mobile)
  • Episode completed!
  • Odus sleeping
  • Odus being awake
  • Odus being happy!
  • Odus being awake with open mouth
  • Odus in Sleepy Slopes
  • Odus in Sweet Dreams
  • A tip for accessing to Dreamworld
  • Effects of Tiffi's slumber
  • Odus carrying Tiffi to Dreamworld
  • Odus ruffles his feathers... It also shows Odus' gender
  • Go far in Reality to unlock more Dreamworld levels
  • Odus in CCS TV ad
  • Odus in CCS TV ad

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