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Moves Levels, also known as Moves & Score Levels or Target Score Levels, are one of the five level types in Candy Crush Saga. Moves levels first appear in Candy Town, the first episode, and the first moves level is level 1.

Moves levels are quite rare, with 25 levels currently, making up a mere 2.58% of all levels. The only moves levels are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 36, 47, 96, 97, 98, 110, 114, 122144, 609, 612, 613, 630, 646, 735, 771, 773, 792, 892, and 899. Dreamworld has more moves levels than Reality, and the gap without moves levels is smaller.

Compared to jelly levels and ingredients levels, moves levels are quite easy, but are slightly harder than timed levels.

See the full List of Moves levels here.


To win moves levels, the player has to get a certain number of points with a certain number of moves. When there are no more moves left, Sugar Crush will activate all special candies on the board.

Difficulty (Reality)

These levels are quite easy. The only hard moves levels are 9798, and 646 They barely reach beyond Considerably Hard in difficulty (except level 646), though, but it is widely considered that bombs are problems. A majority of later moves levels contain bombs, and with moves levels, you must actually reach the end of the level (0 moves left) to pass; if you reach the target score but don't reach the end of the level due to a bomb exploding, you will still fail the level.

Difficulty (Dreamworld)

Moves levels are the easiest types in Dreamworld. There are no insanely hard move levels. However, there are some very hard move levels, but not too many unlike other types. Levels 43 (mobile), 114, and 122 are hard moves levels. They are considered to be hard due to candy bombs on level 114 and 122, and mechanics on level 43 (mobile). Also, as with Reality, you need to reach the end of the level in order to pass; if the game ends by Odus falling down, you will still fail the level.

Notable moves levels

  • Level 1 - The first moves level.

    Level 1 - The first Moves level

  • Level 98 - The 10th moves level.
  • Level 144 - Once considered the last moves level King would ever release, but this was proven false when Cereal Sea was released.
  • Level 609 - After 465 levels, this level resurrects the appearance of Moves levels.
  • Level 646 - Currently the hardest moves level.
  • Level 735 - 20th moves level. This level was considered the hardest moves level before it was nerfed.
  • Level 792 - The first moves level to have four colours.
  • Level 899 - Last moves level to date.
  • Dreamworld version of level 358 - The first Dreamworld moves level after a gap of 214 levels.
  • Dreamworld version of level 646 - Final moves level in Dreamworld



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