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Meringue Moor

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Reality Dreamworld
Meringue Moor Updated
Episode 34
World World Six
Levels 486 - 500
Characters Mr. Pear
Champion title Papa Grande
New features N/A
Released October 9, 2013
Difficulty Hard-Very hard
Previous Next
Cherry Chateau Ice Cream Caves

Meringue Moor is the 34th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the fourth episode of World Six. This episode was released on October 9, 2013. This episode contains the milestone Level 500. The champion title for this episode is Papa Grande.


Before episode:
Mr. Pear wants to be a candy because he is feeling left out. There is a chocolate-filled pink bucket below him.
After episode:
Tiffi cuts the rope holding the pear and dips the pear in the chocolate bucket. When the pear comes out, he has turned to a candy.

New thingsEdit

  • Nothing new is introduced.


Meringue Moor

Meringue Moor

Created by FlockkyCreated by Flockky


Reality 34 Background

This episode contains levels 486-500.

Meringue Moor is a hard episode. There are moderately hard levels such as 486488, 497, and 498 (mobile), 2 harder levels, 491, and 492, and the notorious level 500 which was previously an insanely hard ingredient level until it was nerfed which gives a chance for level 492 to be the hardest level of this episode. This episode continues the extremely unfortunate trend of no new things introduced and also no timed levels. It's considered slightly harder than the previous episode, Cherry Chateau

There are 7 jelly levels (Jelly), 5 ingredients levels (Ingredient drop), and 3 candy order levels (Objective).

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasySomewhat easyMediumSomewhat hardHardVery hardInsanely hardVariable

 Note that goals include target score.



  • This episode was released exactly one month and 6 days before the real release of Papa Pear Saga.
  • This is the second consecutive episode which does not have any timed levels or toffee tornadoes.
  • This is the fifth consecutive episode with nothing new. Many people expected a new element in this episode, and became very upset.
  • Mr. Pear in the story is said to be Papa Pear from another of King's game Papa Pear Saga. This is because in that game, pears are collected into buckets. In the story, there is a bucket below the pear, having an expression similar to the one from the Papa Pear game. And, the trophy name, Papa Grande, is the name of a powerup from Papa Pear Saga.
  • This is the first episode since Crunchy Castle, 18 episodes prior to this, to have more than 4 ingredient drop levels.
  • There are only 3 candy order levels in this episode, just like Delicious Drifts.
  • Many fans considered this the most disappointing episode, as there were no timed levels for the second episode running, and everyone expected a new element, having not had a new element since Soda Swamp, and there turned out to be nothing new. People were also disappointed that there wasn't anything special about level 500 - it is just a normal, albeit deceivingly difficult, level.
  • This was formerly the hardest episode in the game.
  • This episode forms a part of a Hell's Cluster, which comprises levels 480-488 (This episode contains the last three levels of the cluster).
  • This is the first time there have been 2 consecutive episodes without a timed level.
  • This episode continues the trend of levels ending with 87 being Ingredient Levels.

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