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Booster lucky candy

Lucky Candy is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that debuts in Level 131. It releases candies that can help meet the objective(s) of a level. For example, a striped candy is produced in levels requiring striped Candy and/or combos, a wrapped candy in levels requiring wrapped candy and/or combos, or a colour bomb in levels requiring colour bomb and/or combo, and normal colour candies in levels requiring certain amount of coloured candies. It is only used in candy order levels. It looks like a pink ball with a check-mark.

Besides being used as a booster, it can also be produced from a mystery candy in candy order levels.


Old description: Adds Lucky Candy to the candy mix, which will transform into useful candy when matched and removed! It is very helpful and awesome.

Description on mobile devices: Add Lucky Candy to the candy mix, which will transform into useful candy when removed!


  • They appear to be metallic versions of normal candies.
  • These candies will only give candies related to the orders. If the order tells you to gather certain colours, they are useless because they only transform into one of those coloured candies. If the order tells you to combine special candies or detonate them, it will give a special candy involved in detonation or combination, and is more useful.
  • This booster is winnable on the daily booster wheel, but it is incredibly rare to win (however, not as rare as the Jackpot).
  • Candy Calaboose is the first episode to feature lucky candies on the board or in marmalade.
  • In Nougat Noir, lucky candies can be found in liquorice locks.


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