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Candy Crush Saga currently holds a whopping 1,720 levels in 116 episodes, with 1,055 Reality levels within 71 normal episodes and 665 Dreamworld levels within 45 Dreamworld episodes. Every episode has 15 levels except for Reality and Dreamworld episodes one (Candy Town and Sleepy Slopes) and two (Candy Factory and Funky Factory), which only has 10.

Click on one of the links to see the Full List of Levels or the page on Episodes.

World One 

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Candy-Town 1 1-10
Candy-Factory 2 11-20
Lemonade-Lake 3 21-35
Chocolate-Mountains 4 36-50
Minty-Meadow 5 51-65
Easter-Bunny-Hills 6 66-80

World Two

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Bubblegum-Bridge 7 81-95
Salty-Canyon 8 96-110
Peppermint-Palace 9 111-125
Wafer-Wharf 10 126-140
Gingerbread-Glade 11 141-155
Pastille-Pyramid 12 156-170

World Three

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Cupcake-Circus 13 171-185
Caramel-Cove 14 186-200
Sweet-Surprise 15 201-215
Crunchy-Castle 16 216-230
Chocolate-Barn 17 231-245
Delicious-Drifts 18 246-260

World Four

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Holiday-Hut 19 261-275
Candy-Clouds 20 276-290
Jelly-Jungle 21 291-305
Savory-Shores 22 306-320
Munchy-Monolith 23 321-335
Pearly-White-Plains 24 336-350

World Five

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Fudge-Islands 25 351-365
Pudding-Pagoda 26 366-380
Licorice-Tower 27 381-395
Polkapalooza 28 396-410
Soda-Swamp 29 411-425
Rainbow-Runway 30 426-440

World Six

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Butterscotch-Boulders 31 441-455
Sugary-Shire 32 456-470
Cherry-Chateau 33 471-485
Meringue-Moor 34 486-500
Ice-Cream-Caves 35 501-515
Sour-Salon 36 516-530

World Seven

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Sticky-Savannah 37 531-545
Jelly-Wagon 38 546-560
Biscuit-Bungalow 39 561-575
Gummy-Gardens 40 576-590
Wafer-Windmill 41 591-605
Cereal-Sea 42 606-620

World Eight

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Taffy-Tropics 43 621-635
Glazed-Grove 44 636-650
Fizzy-Falls 45 651-665
Crunchy-Courtyard 46 666-680
Choco-Rio-Grande 47 681-695
Toffee-Tower 48 696-710

World Nine

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Boneyard-Bonanza 49 711-725
Marshmallow-Mountains 50 726-740
Marmalade-Meadow 51 741-755
Chewy-Citadel 52 756-770
Eggnog-Emporium 53 771-785
Fudge-Fjord 54 786-800

World Ten

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Caramel-Clearing 55 801-815
Candy-Calaboose 56 816-830
Nougat-Noir 57 831-845
Gummy-Galaxy 58 846-860
Truffle-Terrace 59 861-875
Coco-Crossroads 60 876-890

World Eleven

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Crumbly-Coast 61 891-905
Polka-Park 62 906-920
Delectable-Depths 63 921-935

World Twelve

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Minty-Meadow-2 64 936-950
Cookie-Crossing 65 951-965
Soda-Swamp-2 66 966-980

World Thirteen

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Candy-Clouds-2 67 981-995
Caramel-Keep 68 996-1010
Tasty-Treasury 69 1011-1025

World Fourteen

Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Luscious-Lagoon 70 1026-1040
Mellow-Marshmallow 71 1041-1055
72 1056-1070

Level Types

Current Level

In Candy Crush Saga, there are 5 different types of level:

  • Moves Target score - get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of moves.
  • Jelly Jelly - clear all the jelly on the board.
  • Ingredients Ingredient drop - bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board.
  • Timed Timed - get a certain amount of points within the time limit.
  • Candy Order Objective - Crush the amount of candies given on the dashboard in a certain amount of moves.

Jelly levels are the most frequent, making up 44% of the levels, whereas target score levels are the rarest, despite the first 5 levels all being target score levels. 

Level Type First Appearance Last Appearance


Moves Target score Level 1 Level 1019 28 (3%)
Jelly Jelly Level 6 Level 1055 476 (44%)
Ingredients Ingredient drop Level 11 Level 1054 285 (27%)
Timed Timed Level 20 Level 1004 46 (5%)
Candy Order Objective Level 126 Level 1045 220 (21%)

Sugar Crush

The different level types bring different "Sugar Crush" effects at the end. 

  • Moves - there is no real "Sugar Crush" effect here, except unactivated special candies being activated.
  • Jelly - for every move remaining, three jelly fish come on the screen and start eating the candies at random, giving you more points.
  • Ingredients/Candy Order - both levels have the same effect. For every move remaining, a candy at random will become a striped candy, giving an extra 3000 points for every striped candy. Then they all activate.
  • Timed - any +5 candies left on the screen will turn into the exploding wrapped candy and activate itself.


The Dreamworld is a new world separate from the main game that contains levels 1 to 665. They are exact replicas of the original levels except with more blocker introduced earlier and are more common on the board.

Check out Dreamworld Levels for more specific information.


  • Many people consider jelly levels the hardest level type.
  • The 100th jelly level is Level 235. The 200th jelly level is Level 475. The 300th jelly level is Level 687. The 400th jelly level is Level 912. The 100th ingredient drop level is Level 413. The 200th ingredient drop level is Level 743. The 100th order level is Level 441. The 200th order level is Level 927.
  • Level 350 is the most hated level of all time. Since it has been nerfed, its title is gone.
  • Timed levels are the only levels in which you are not pressured by the amount of moves you have left. However, you have to make quick decisions to earn three stars. Level 297 is the hardest timed level to earn three stars.
  • The first Candy Crush Saga support site,, passed the limit of 5000 unique visitors per day in only 3 days.
  • Level 100, Level 300, and Level 800 are jelly levels. Level 200Level 500Level 600, and Level 700 are ingredient levels. Level 400, Level 900, and Level 1000 are candy order levels.
  • The most hated level type is jelly level. Jelly levels are hated in many ways and is the reason this game is hard. They are also very common. 
  • The episode with the least Jelly levels in Reality is Wafer Wharf (episode 10) with only 2. The most are Easter Bunny Hills (episode 6), Sticky Savannah (episode 37), and Nougat Noir (episode 57), with 9, and Truffle Terrace (episode 59), with 10.
  • The episode with most Candy Order levels in Reality is Wafer Wharf with 10. In Dreamworld, it is Sparkle Submarino with 11.
  • Level 295 and Level 327 have exactly the same layout with the only difference being the number of jellies. This has happened two other times in the 600s, but each has resulted in the higher level of the pair being replaced with a different type. Before this, no levels had been redesigned to a different type.
  • Level 65 became so famous once that several other levels based on Level 65 are created, including Level 320 and Level 430.
  • Pre-nerf level 350Level 440, and Level 530 are excruciating Jelly levels that are world finales.
  • All the level numbers ending in 65 except 665 are hard or very hard. Level 65 used to be the most hated level ever, Level 165 used to be a very hard candy order level, Level 265 is a hard jelly level, Level 365 is a very hard candy order level, Level 465 is a hard ingredients level, Level 565 is a very hard jelly level, and Level 765 is a very hard jelly level.
  • Except for Level 80 (timed), Level 620 (ingredients), Level 890 (ingredients), Level 935 (candy order), Level 980 (ingredients), and Level 1025 (ingredients), all world finales are Jelly Levels.
  • Levels contains the #'s 1, 4, 7 have a pattern in which they form a hard level. Level 147, Pre-nerf level 417, Level 471, and Level 714 are all hard levels.
  • Levels in the iOS version are marked by a bubble looking element. Once the bubbles were opaque, but after the Meringue Moor update in late January, the bubbles became translucent and more colorful. 
  • Levels ending in 47 (x47) are usually quite hard. Level 147 is an insanely hard jelly level. Level 347 is, once again, an insanely hard candy order level with a high amount of orders. Level 447 is a hard jelly level where mystery candies can be quite troublesome. Level 547 is a very hard jelly level due to the awkward layout. Level 647 is a hard candy order level with a complex order. Level 747 used to be an insanely hard jelly level due to six colors, chocolate spawners, liquorice swirls, and gaps in the board. Level 847 is a somewhat hard level due to the board layout and six colors.
  • Episodes whose names starts with S usually tend to be quite hard. Sweet SurpriseSoda Swamp, Sugary Shire, and Sour Salon are all hard-very hard episodes.
  • Levels 212312412, 512, and 712 are all Candy Order Levels. However, Level 612 is a Moves level.
  • Level 87, Level 187, Level 287, Level 387, Level 487Level 587, and Level 987 are all Ingredients Levels. Level 687 is a jelly level, breaking the trend in which levels ending in 87 are ingredients levels.
  • Level 31Level 587, and Level 621 are the only levels to have 3 colours.
  • Currently, the most anticipated level is Level 666, the number of the Devil. It is the opener of Episode 46, Crunchy Courtyard, which was released on September 3, 2014.
    • Most people thought the level would be the hardest level in the game. However, when it was released it was somewhat easy.
  • The x01, x83 and x97 Series are the only series to contain all level types:
  • Levels 50, 150, 250, 350, 450, 550, 750, 850, 950, and 1050 are Jelly Levels. However, when Level 650 came out, it broke the x50 series.
  • Levels that end in 99 tend to be hard difficulty or higher. Level 99 is somewhat hard, Level 199 is VERY hard, Level 399 is Hard, Level 499 is again Hard, Level 599 is somewhat hard, Level 699 is very hard, and it ends at level 999 which is Hard.
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