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Level 445

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Level 445
Episode Butterscotch Boulders
Level type Ingredient drop
Ingredients Hazelnut: 1   Cherry: 1
Moves Moves-30
Target score 1star (trans): 40,000 pts
Blockers One-layered meringue  Locked Candies  Marmalade blank
Number of
candy colours
600px-Facebook icon 2013.svg: Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Cell-phone-icon-pngclipartistinfo-icon-mobile-phone-svg-ecrf49dy: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Number of spaces 81
Difficulty Insanely hard
Previous Current Next
Jelly Ingredient drop Jelly
Level 444 Level 445 Level 446

Level 445 is the fifth level in Butterscotch Boulders and the one hundred eighth ingredients level. To pass this level, you must bring down 1 hazelnut and 1 cherry and score at least 20,000 points in 30 moves or fewer. If you have extra moves left in this level, Sugar Crush will activate striped candies and score you additional points.

This level has a wide variety of aspects for players to screw over in this level. It is available to be voted as one of the hardest level in the game.


This level looks easy, but like other very hard levels in the past, looks are deceiving. It is actually incredibly difficult for many reasons:

  • There are two candy bombs that only have 17 moves. They are behind many layers of icing and Liquorice Locks and will explode in no time.
  • There are only 30 moves to bring down both ingredients. With all those icing, this is not enough moves and the level becomes difficult, especially with shuffles being frequent at the start, eating many moves on Facebook.
  • But the worst part - there are NO exits over the two end rows where the ingredients fall, which means they must be switched onto another lane, which is nigh-on impossible with only 30 moves and the bombs to worry about.
  • Overall, this level is incredibly hard despite the easy look about it, typical of difficult ingredient levels.


One-Star: 20,000 points

Two Stars: 60,000 points

All-Stars: 100,000 points


  • Try and have the ingredients slide into the lanes next to the ones they come out of. You don't want to have to wait moves later in the game trying to move them over yourself.(See the image under the InfoBox for which Liquorice Locks to break so that they will for sure slide properly.)
  • Use combinations to quickly clear the icing to make room for more combinations. EVERY MOVE COUNTS!
  • If you can break a lock one space diagonal to a corner, while ensuring you break neither of the other two (above and to the left (top-left corner) or right (top-right corner)) shielding the corner, it is possible for ingredients to slip through that gap and move into the inner column. This is difficult to do, but make sure you are doing it whenever you are given the opportunity.
  • Be aware that when there are 20 and 10 moves remaining, the ingredients will start spawning, so make sure you spawn them to slide on the proper lane.
    If you break the yellow squares and no other Liquorice Locks, the ingredients will slide properly to the exit.
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Candy Crush Saga level 445(02:33)
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