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Level 139

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Level 139
Level 139 Reality
Episode Wafer Wharf
Level type Timed
Time 2-min-timer
Target score 1star (trans): 15,000 pts
Blockers Chocolate
Number of
candy colours
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 70
Difficulty Medium
Previous Current Next
Jelly Timed Objective
Level 138 Level 139 Level 140

Level 139 is the fourteenth level in Wafer Wharf and the thirteenth timed level. To pass this level, you must score at least 15,000 points within 2 minutes. When time runs out, Sugar Crush will first activate all special candies, and then turn +5 candies into wrapped candies and activate them.


  • It may be hard to combine candies and also create special candies because the board is complex and has an awkward shape (4x9 on the left, and two 4x4 sections on the right; the bottom one is covered with chocolate.)


One-Star: 15,000 points

Two Stars: 25,000 points

All-Stars: 35,000 points


  • It's recommended to clear the chocolates. Make sure you activate any colour bombs when the chocolate is near because chocolate consumes any colour bombs more easily than other special candies. Be fast.


Candy Crush Saga Level 13902:37

Candy Crush Saga Level 139

Candy Crush Saga Level 139 - 2 Star - no boosters02:57

Candy Crush Saga Level 139 - 2 Star - no boosters

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