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Level 100 Phone
Level 100
Episode Salty Canyon
Level type Jelly
Jelly squares Double-Jelly: 25
Moves Moves-20
Target score 1star (trans): 60,000 pts
Blockers Regular meringue  Locked Candies15 moves
Number of
candy colours
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 81
Difficulty 600px-Facebook icon 2013.svg: Hard

Smartphone icon: Very hard

Previous Current Next
Jelly Jelly Ingredient drop
Level 99 Level 100 Level 101

Level 100 is the fifth level in Salty Canyon and the fifty-first jelly level. To pass this level, you must clear 25 double jelly squares and score at least 60,000 points in 20 moves or fewer. If you have extra moves left in this level, Sugar Crush will activate jelly fish to eat candies and score you additional points.


  • The difficulty of this level varies greatly from person to person. Some people find this level a breeze, whereas some find this level to be one of the hardest.
  • This level heavily depends on luck. This is also a level that can be hard and easily forgotten about, making it one of the hardest levels to assign a difficulty to.

Voting result

Most people voted "hard" in this level till 20th September 2013. The median of the poll is "hard". A leading trend of "insanely hard" in this level is seen in 13 November 2013. Thus, making the median to fall to "very hard". Another update will be done in a month later. Vote here!


One-Star: 60,000 points

Two Stars: 85,000 points

All-Stars: 110,000 points


  • The first priority is to free the bomb and demolish it. The best way to demolish it is to detonate a wrapped candy near the bomb to perform two actions at a move.
  • Patience is needed in this level as good boards are not frequently spawned.
  • After that, make striped candies and wrapped candies or maybe combine them together for optimal effect. 


  • The jelly not covered by icing makes the Pi symbol


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