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Ingredients are items in Candy Crush Saga that need bringing down in ingredients level. There are two different ingredients: cherries and hazelnuts. Cherries first appear in level 11 and Hazelnuts first appear in level 12.

They fall randomly in the early part of the game, and from levels 217 onwards they can come out from a candy cannon. These candies fall and can be switched like regular candies, however, they cannot be matched with any other candy and they can't even be matched with a Colour Bomb or any other special candy. If there is a shuffle the ingredient will stay put.

Like all candies, ingredients can fall through a Teleporter but cannot make it past a blocker. When an ingredient reaches a layer with the green arrow on, the ingredient is collected and the player gets 10,000 points. 


Mr. Toffee holding ingredients in the CCS Tv ad

Ingredients in the CCS Tv ad

  • Hazelnuts are often mistaken for apples, onions, or peach.
  • Candy cannons that drop ingredients will always have a hazelnut icon. This can be misleading as if cherries need to be brought down in the level as well, because cherries can come out of the dispensers.
  • If one stage has Candy Cannons and starting ingredients, the ingredients will only be placed under any Candy Cannons. Otherwise, the ingredients may start at top of any column.
  • As ingredients give 10,000 points when collected, in levels 357 and 376, a player can get the target score 180,000 points just by collecting all the ingredients.
  • The only single actions that can give more points than an ingredient collection is cake bombs knocking bombs off the screen, or a colour bomb detonation.
  • A colour bomb + colour bomb combo affects ingredients, as if you create one, and there is icing surrounding the ingredient, either an icing layer will be destroyed or the icing is destroyed.
  • Chocolate cannot cover or eat an ingredient, this can be shown very easily in Level 376.
  • And also cannot be affected by Cake Bombs, also shown very easily in the same Level 376.
  • Ingredients can be found for the first time in marmalade in Level 812.
  • Ingredients can be found for the first time in licorice locks in Level 849.

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