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Gold bank!
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(or Gold Bar) is the currency in Candy Crush Saga. It can be bought in the Candy Crush Bank for a minimum of $1 which will get you 10 gold bars.

It was introduced as the new currency with the release of the 33th episode, Cherry Chateau, on 19th September 2013. Gold has been tested spring and summer 2013 before added massively to many accounts, although not all accounts have gold bars. On the 24th September 2013, the game gave away 30 gold bars for free.

Gold can be used to buy Boosters, Lives, Moves and to unlock Episodes.


  • The last two King games that they were released along with gold bars on iOS and Android are Farm Heroes Saga and Papa Pear Saga.

List of elements that use Gold BarEdit

Elements Icon Description Price
Lives Buy the full sets of lives. 12
5 extra moves
Booster extra moves 5

9 (normally)

5 (55% discount)

5 extra moves + Striped & Wrapped Candy

+15s extra time
Booster extra time
+5 extra moves in Candy Bomb 19
Restore Balance 9
Tickets to unlock the next episode 3
Tickets to unlock the next episode (when players added 1 friend) 2
Tickets to unlock the next episode (when players added 2 friends) 1

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