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Episode number 11
World World Two
Levels 141 - 155
Characters Witch
Champion title Grand Witch
New features Three-layered meringue
Released August 2, 2012
Difficulty Considerably Hard
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Wafer Wharf Pastille Pyramid

Gingerbread Glade is the eleventh episode of Candy Crush Saga and is the fifth episode of World Two. This episode was released on August 2, 2012. The champion title for this episode is Grand Witch.


Before episode:
The player encounters a witch with a cauldron for her green-colored potion. She says it needs more pop.
After episode:
Tiffi gives the witch a mystery-bag-shaped potion, marked with a musical note. It is then put into the cauldron. After that, musical notes appears and the witch becomes ecstatic.

New thingsEdit


Gingerbread Glade
Gingerbread Glade Background.
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This episode is the only one that contains all five level types, namely: Jelly, Moves, Timed, Ingredient, and Candy Order. As of the 36th episode release, level 144 marks the final appearance of the Moves level type in Reality. This episode has 4 medium-hard levels (144, 151, 154, and 155), 2 hard levels (149 and 153), and then there is a notoriously difficult ingredient drop level (152). The later part of the episode can be very tricky for some players, especially a cluster of hard levels in levels 149-155.  Because of this, this episode was considered very hard, despite the fact there aren't that many other hard levels in the episode.

One of the most notable facts about this episode is that it contains Level 147, which has been voted several times as the hardest level in the game. Recently, it went through the biggest nerf ever, and is now a lot easier.

There are 5 jelly levels Jelly, 4 candy order levels Objective, 3 ingredients levels Ingredient drop, 2 time levels, Timed and 1 moves level Target score. Check out the gallery directory below for links to specific levels within this episode!

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.


  • This episode has Alliteration.
  • This is the only episode to contain all level types, as there are no moves levels in Wafer Wharf. This episode falls in the very thin margin of levels between the first candy order levels and the last moves level.
  • Gingerbread Glade is the second episode which takes place at night, the others being Salty CanyonCrunchy CastleHoliday Hut, and Polkapalooza.
  • The pathway of Gingerbread Glade is brown on Facebook. Oddly, the pathway is light blue on iOS and Android, but this appears to be a mistake, as the title, the plane icon, and the boat icon are both brown.
  • This episode may resemble the story "Hansel and Gretel."
  • All of the level types in the game seem to be lined up in alphabetical order from 141 to 145 (Candy Order, Ingredients, Jelly, Moves, Timed)
  • Levels 146 and 149 are the only levels in this episode to have no three-layered icings on the board. Though a version of nerfed Level 147, however obsolete, also had no three-layered meringue on the board.
  • Not only is this the only episode to have every level type, but there are 5 jelly levels, 4 candy order levels, 3 ingredient levels, 2 timed levels, and 1 move level, which is a countdown.
  • Level 144 is the final level of Moves level.
  • This can be medium-hard episode since the hell's cluster is Level 149 to Level 155. Levels 150 and 155 are not hard, Level 149 is a hard candy order level: Level 151 is a medium-hard timed level: Level 152 is a very hard ingredients level and the 2nd hardest ingredients level in the whole game since Level 417 is a hardest ingredients level in the game: Level 153 is a medium-hard candy order level due to a nerf since the Three-layered meringue to One-layered meringue are changed, Level 154 is a medium-hard jelly level.
  • Level 147 is considered the Hardest Level in Reality before it was tweaked like Level 311, the difference of 2 levels is the difficulty since level 147 is easy-medium and level 311 is medium-hard, the colours of level 147 is 6 and in level 311 is 5, level 147 has 2-layered icing and level 311 has 5-layered icing, level 147 has no chameleon candies and level 311 is have chameleon candies, level 147 has bombs and level 311 has not. Level 147 has more jellies than level 311, but easier since level 147 has 50 moves and level 311 has 35 moves and level 147 as the board is large and in level 311 is small, level 147 is the 7th level in the episode and level 311 is the 6th.


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