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Booster free switch

Free Switch is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that is introduced in Level 19. It can switch any two candies that do not match, as long as they are adjacent to each other. It used to cost a move upon usage (in the Facebook version), but an update of Sour Salon changed it so it doesn't cost a move along with shuffling.

This booster is now available on iOS and Android as of the Ice Cream Caves update.


Old description: Switch two candies that don't match! Really!

Current description: Switch two candies that don't match! Use now!

Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Don't miss that epic Candy Crush! Switch two candies that don't match and make impossible moves come true!

Detailed effectsEdit

  • Sometimes it can be accidentally used and the candies in fact do match. If there is a match caused by the free switch, it will destroy the candies. The booster will be consumed.
  • When switching 2 special candies, they will not activate but instead switch spots.
  • Switching a colour bomb with a special or normal candy will not activate the colour bomb but will switch spots only. 
  • There was a limited offer on mobile when Bonbon Baths and Sparkle Submarino were released on mobile.
  • Since using a free switch no longer uses up a move after the Sour Salon update on Facebook, you can use this as an extra "+1 move" in a pinch (though you can't use special candy combos with this).
  • In the past, when you used a free switch, bombs would still count down and chocolate would still expand, since the free switch still counted as a move like shuffling did. This does not happen anymore; it was most likely changed with the release of Sour Salon as well.


  • The hand is in a flat jelly formation with four fingers.
  • This booster is winnable on the daily booster wheel.
  • In Episode 63, Tiffi uses a similar thing as this booster.


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