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Extra Time Candy is a type of special candy that can only be seen in timed levels. These candies look like regular candies and can have any of the six regular colours, but they are glowing and have +5 written on them in big white letters.


Extra time candy can appear in any timed level, and in later levels can appear at the start screen. They spawn when a match subsequently results in three cascades. If the cascades are still in progress, it will come down after every four cascades.

It acts like regular candy in that it has to be matched for its effect to work. When matched, it gives the player five extra seconds, or reset the timer if it is less than 5 seconds short. For instance, if the time limit for that level is 60 seconds, and you match an extra time candy with 57 seconds left, your timer won't increase to 62 seconds, but only reset to 60. 

When Sugar Crush is taking place on timed levels, any extra time candies that are left on the board when the time runs out will be converted into wrapped candies and will be set off. 

In some levels extra time candies are vital. 


  • Extra time candies can theoretically keep a level going forever. This is hard in practice since they take more than 5 seconds to spawn on average, except in level 252, the only timed level with 4 colours, where players can keep the level going as long as they want.
  • Extra time candies make a unique sound when matched.
  • There's a very rare glitch with the extra time candy on mobile. The +5 on the extra time candy turns black.


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