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Reality Dreamworld
Episode 39
World World Seven
Levels 561 - 575
Characters Mr. Piggy, Bubblegum Troll, Unicorn
Champion title Bubblegum Buster
New features N/A
Released April 14, 2014
Difficulty Very hard
Previous Next
Jelly Wagon Gummy Gardens

Biscuit Bungalow is the 39th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the third episode of World Seven. This episode was released on April 14, 2014. The champion title for this episode is Bubblegum Buster.

Due to a great number of levels which are hard to pass, it is available to be voted as the hardest episode in the game.


Before episode:
A Bubblegum Monster blows up his giant bubblegum that blocks Mr. Piggy's way back to his bungalow.
After episode:
Tiffi gets out of the screen then rides onto the Unicorn of Minty Meadow. The unicorn jumps and pops the bubble with her horn.

New thingsEdit

There is technically no new element. However, in this episode, conveyor belts have corners for the first time, so that candies could turn to the other side during the game. Conveyor belts have corners in every level in this episode except for levels 568, 569, 571, and 572. This could be considered as a new addition, though no actual new elements were added at this point as the conveyor belts that have corners are still just conveyor belts.


Biscuit Bungalow

Biscuit Bungalow

Created by FlockkyCreated by Flockky


Reality 39 Background

This episode contains levels 561-575.

Biscuit Bungalow continues the trend of having conveyor belts in all 15 levels, having a normal amount of jelly and ingredients levels, having a low number of candy order levels, having no new things, not even toffee tornadoes, liquorice locks, nor cake bombs and chameleon candies, too. They can only be found inside some of the mystery candies.

This is the hardest episode in World Seven. It has some somewhat hard-hard levels like 570, 571 and 575, one hard level, 568, and four very hard levels, 565, 566, 567, and 573. Yet, there are some easy levels like 563564, 569572, and 574. As a result, this is a very hard episode. This episode is more difficult than the previous episode, Jelly Wagon.

There are 7 jelly levels Jelly, 6 ingredients levels Ingredient drop, and 2 candy order levels Objective.

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasySomewhat easyMediumSomewhat hardHardVery hardInsanely hardVariable

 Note that goals include target score.



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