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Chocolate Mountains
Chocolate Mountain
Chocolate Mountains
Name Chocolate Mountains
Episode Number 4
No. of Levels 15
Levels 36 - 50
Location Possibly Switzerland
Episode colour Brown

Chocolate Mountains is the fourth episode of Candy Crush Saga and the fourth episode of World One. The episode contains levels 36-50. The champion title is Chocolate Mountaineer.

This is the second episode that needs to be unlocked by getting three tickets from friends. In iOS, this is the first episode to require doing so. 


Before episode: When the player reaches Chocolate Mountains, the first level will display a cut scene of Tiffi and Mr. Yeti. Mr. Yeti is asleep and Tiffi needs to find a way to wake Mr. Yeti up.

After episode: Eventually after shouting "Wake up!", Mr. Yeti thanks Tiffi for waking him up.

New things


Chocolate Mountains (1)
Chocolate Mountains Background.
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  • The average difficulty is considerably easy.

Chocolate Mountains contains levels 36 to 50. This episode is considered to be considerably easy with some considerably hard levels such as 3945, 46 and 50. This episode is a bit harder than previous episode, Lemonade Lake

There are 8 Jelly Levels Jelly, 4 Ingredients Levels Ingredient drop, 2 Moves Levels Target score and 1 Timed Level Timed. Check out the gallery below for links to specific levels within this episode!#

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.


  • This episode features Level 46, a medium-hard level. It makes a cameo appearance in PSY's Gentleman single.
  • Chocolates are actually introduced after this episode, even though this episode is named Chocolate Mountains.
  • This episode is likely based off of Switzerland, as the country is very mountainous and is extremely well known for their chocolate.


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