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Chocolate Spawners (sometimes called Chocolate Fountains) are an element in Candy Crush Saga. It is a machine that creates chocolate and swallows any candy in its vicinity. When a player makes a certain number of moves, the chocolate spawner will generate a piece of chocolate per move. When a player does not break a piece of chocolate, the chocolate spawner may make one piece of chocolate. If a player breaks one, it will stop making chocolate for a while.

It is one of the most hated element in the game as it creates chocolate which will swallow a candy that can block and disrupt their movement. It also cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the player can break every chocolate on his/her way, but he or she cannot prevent the chocolate spawner(s) from generating chocolate (unless he or she uses the Bubblegum Troll booster). When there are two or more chocolate spawners, chocolate can be created anywhere near the chocolate spawners.

At the start of a level that has chocolate spawners and no chocolate, when the player makes his/her first move of the game, the chocolate spawners will not generate chocolate until his/her second move. Because chocolate spawners cannot be destroyed, getting a chocolate spawner from a Mystery Candy can make a level impossible to win, especially when it comes out over a Jelly, unless a Jelly Fish reaches it. However, chocolate spawners coming from mystery candies are incredibly rare. A chocolate spawner coming out of a Mystery Candy will produce chocolate as soon as the move is finished and there is a square adjacent to it available, provided that this does not occur during Sugar Crush.
Mystery candy problem

Getting an chocolate spawner from a mystery egg on level 373.

Ingredient levels can make it worse if an ingredient falls on top of a Chocolate Spawner. Some levels have Chocolate Spanwers placed at a spot on a platform where an ingredient will start to drop. However, chocolate spawner are unable to spawn any chocolate on the Conveyor Belt. This can be helpful or harmful for some levels such as level 569.

Chocolate Spawners can also be stopped temporarily with the help of a Booster called the Bubblegum Troll which removes all the chocolate from the board and stops the chocolate spawners from making chocolate for a while. Both the chocolate spawners and the Bubblegum Troll booster are introduced when the player reaches Level 156.

What the bubblegum looks like from 5 moves left to 1 move left.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Facebook version, the chocolate bubbles. In the iOS version, the machine just spins.
  • The old version of Level 160 used to have 27 chocolate spawners, the most in any other level until it was redesigned by removing a coloumn of chocolate spawners in the middle which became 18.
  • Level 220 has 25 chocolate spawners, presumably more than any other level. Two are unneeded.
  • Level 299 has 18 chocolate spawners, 8 of which are unneeded for the level.
  • Level 578 used to have a jelly underneath the chocolate spawner until it was fixed.
  • If this existed in real life, it would be the most loved machine!

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