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A charm was a power-up in Candy Crush Saga. A charm is similar to a Booster, however, the main difference is that charms are permanent and can be used an unlimited amount of times. The only way to get charms was through buying them from the Yeti Shop, however they are no longer purchasable after Soda Swamp was added to the game.

List of charmsEdit

The following charms were available for purchase:

Charm Effect Cost (USD) Image
Charm of Lives Increases maximum lives to 8 $17
3 vidas
Lokiju230Added by Lokiju230
Charm of Stripes Paint stripes on any candy only once per game $40
Lokiju230Added by Lokiju230
Charm of Frozen Time Time stands still when pondering in Timed Levels $25
Congela tiempo
Lokiju230Added by Lokiju230


  • Charms are hated by many players as they believe it is cheating and that 'Candy Crush wants your money', as charms can only be obtained through purchasing and they cost up to 40 dollars (£25).
  • They are no longer available to buy for unknown reasons.
  • They are extremely helpful if you can't get over the price.

Critical NoticeEdit

Charms might be back! I went on my phone yesterday, to find out I had all the charms! For free! I did not even know what happened. I still have them right now. Do you think they were brought back? User:Emmaelise401

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