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Candy Crush Saga is a British-Swedish puzzle game, much like Bejeweled, created by the British Facebook game developing team The difference between it and Bejeweled is that the game has a story mode; levels can have multiple required goals, more entities and elements, and most obviously, has candies instead of jewels. It is currently available through the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, and Facebook for free, with the ability to sync between devices and your Facebook account. There are currently a total of 1,570 levels (920 Reality levels and 650 Dreamworld levels). You have to match three or more candies of the same color through switching candies with each other to complete the various level objectives. There are five types of Levels: Moves Levels, Jelly Levels, Ingredient Drop Levels, Timed Levels, and Candy Order Levels.

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See more: Candy Frog
The Candy Frog is a new element that introduced in the forty-second episode Cereal Sea, The first level with the Candy Frog is Level 606.

One of the unique things of this elements is that the candy frog eats the candy which has the same color through normal candy match, or through any special candy's effects reaching the element, but he won't disappear; he can be movable but no gravity affects him.

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Candy Crush Saga Level 846 - No Boosters02:50

Candy Crush Saga Level 846 - No Boosters

Level 846 walkthrough

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Historynessess   G1404464107206048714   Level 578
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