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21040222 candycrushbank
The 3rd design of candy crush bank.
20140206 candycrushbank
The 2nd design of Candy Crush Bank.

Candy Crush Bank is where you can buy gold, the in-game currency in Candy Crush Saga. The feature was introduced on 19th September 2013 along with gold bars. There are four different collections of gold available: 10, 50, 100 and 250.

Gold bars Cost (euros)
X 10 0.70
X 50


X 100 7.00
X 250 15.32


The 1st design of Candy Crush Bank.
Jb1994Added by Jb1994
  • This element has been redesigned 2 times.It means that there were 2 designs and now it's the 3rd design.
  • For unknown reasons,the latest redesign decreased the 500 gold bars to 250 gold bars.
  • As of March 22,2014,players can now pay with mobile from their computer.
    Candy Crush Bank(With Mobile)
    "Pay with mobile" button!

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