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Reality Dreamworld
Episode 20
World World Four
Levels 276 - 290
Characters Mr. Giant
Champion title Sky Lord
New features Five-layered meringue
Released December 20, 2012
Difficulty Considerably hard
Previous Next
Holiday Hut Jelly Jungle

Candy Clouds is the twentieth episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is the second episode of World Four. This episode was released on December 20, 2012. The champion title for this episode is Sky Lord.



Mr. Giant's feet

Before episode:
This episode's plot is reminiscent of the British fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk because of Tiffi's encounter with a giant, the making of a beanstalk, and a castle on clouds. The giant (only feet seen) has fallen from his castle.
After episode:
Tiffi plants a magic bean in the ground, causing an colossal beanstalk to form, leading directly to the castle. The giant finds this very convenient.

New thingsEdit



Candy Clouds contains levels 276 to 290. This episode has 7 hard levels: 277, 279, 282, 284, 285, 288, and 290. But there are some easy levels like 281, 287, and 289. This is a medium episode overall.

There are 6 jelly levels Jelly, 4 candy order levels Objective, 4 ingredient levels Ingredient drop, and 1 timed level Timed.

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hardVariable

 Note that goals include target score.



  • This episode has alliteration.
  • This episode has only feet seen in the story section.
  • This is the last Reality episode that was released in 2012.
  • Levels 278 and 282 are the only levels in this episode to have no five-layered icing on the board.

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