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Episode number 7
World World Two
Levels 81 - 95
Characters Bubblegum Troll
Champion title Troll Hunter
New features Licorice-swirl
Released May 23, 2012
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Easter Bunny Hills Salty Canyon

Bubblegum Bridge is the seventh episode of Candy Crush Saga and the first episode of World Two. This episode was released on May 23, 2012. It also introduces one of the main, recurring antagonists of the game: the Bubblegum Troll. The champion title is Troll Hunter.


Before episode: The player encounters a pink monster named the Bubblegum Troll that wants candy and as the name suggests, the river is filled with Liquid Bubblegum.

After episode: The Bubblegum Troll steals away Tiffi's candies, making her cry. In the meantime, an airship labelled "Candy Crush Saga", picks up Tiffi and takes her to the next episode, the Salty Canyon.

New thingsEdit


Bubblegum Bridge
Bubblegum Bridge Background.
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Bubblegum Bridge contains levels 81 to 95. This episode has polarized difficulty - it contains 4 "very easy" levels but 6 "considerably hard+" levels: 86, 88, 89, 91, 92 and 95. There are 7 Ingredients Levels Ingredient drop, 6 Jelly Levels Jelly and 2 Timed Levels Timed. This episode is medium in averaged difficulty.

Check out the gallery below for specific levels in this episode!

 Difficulty coding

Very easyEasyConsiderably easyMediumConsiderably hardHardVery hardInsanely hard

 Note that goals include target score.


  • This episode has Alliteration.
  • When playing on Facebook, this episode is the background while the game is loading.
  • This episode has the highest number of Ingredients Levels, with 7 total.
  • This is the first episode that finishes with an ingredient drop level (Level 95).
  • Levels 89, 90 and 95 are the only levels in this episode where there are no liquorice swirls at the start of the board.
  • This is the only episode to have more Ingredients Levels than Jelly levels


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