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Booster wheel location

Click the bottom middle to access the booster wheel.

Booster wheel

This is a new feature on the Facebook version of Candy Crush.


An art of Daily Booster Wheel from Facebook page

Daily Booster Wheel is a feature in Candy Crush Saga released on November 27, 2013 upon the release of Dreamworld. This icon is located on the bottom middle of the screen, or in the case of the mobile version, top left of the screen. When a player clicks it, the wheel will automatically spin. The player can press the 'Stop Wheel' button at any time, causing the wheel to slow down and eventually come to a halt. When the wheel fully stops, whichever booster the wheel lands on, the player will receive one of. The Daily Booster Wheel is available once a day.

On iOS and Android: the player must be connected to the Internet to spin the wheel.

Rewards ListEdit


Of course, there is a low chance of landing the jackpot. If a player lands on the jackpot, they will be rewarded with 3 of each reward from the Rewards List.


Jackpot Booster!

Daily Booster Wheel 1

Daily Booster Wheel before the Ice Cream Caves update (on Android)

Daily Booster Wheel 2

Daily Booster Wheel after the Ice Cream Caves update (on Android)


  • Facebook and mobile (iOS and Android) support this element.
  • Boosters not included on the list: Sweet TeethExtra TimeExtra MovesBomb CoolerBubblegum Troll, and any discontinued Boosters or Charms.
  • The "Stop Wheel" button doesn't stop the wheel immediately. It slows down the wheel and let it gradually come to a stop. That means that if you are on a Jackpot and you press stop, it isn't likely that you would land on a jackpot.
  • It was temporarily removed on December 10, 2013 for 1 day, because their app page on Facebook said that it will be available for only 1 week.
  • Receiving a booster from the Daily Booster Wheel does not sync between Facebook and mobile versions. For example, If a player receives a Lollipop Hammer from the Daily Booster Wheel on the Facebook version, it will not be available to use on mobile devices, and vice versa. However, the USE of the wheel does sync. However,when you use the wheel on phone AND on Facebook the same time,you won't lose the booster wheel for the other one! When you use your daily spin on mobile it will not be available on Facebook, and vice versa.
  • For unknown reasons, the wheel is only available for spin in Reality and not in Dreamworld, even if the booster is available on both worlds.
  • The wheel is available once every calendar day (as opposed to once every 24 hours)
  • After the Biscuit Bungalow update, the daily booster wheel icon is relocated on the bottom left of the screen.

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