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A booster (sometimes known as a Power-Up) is an item in Candy Crush Saga (or Candy Crush) that can be used to simplify game play. They do this in various forms. Some boosters are activated via the screen before the game starts, while others can be activated during game play.


There are various boosters in the game and all of them have different properties. Boosters come with a number of charges. Once you use the booster, one charge is consumed.

Obtaining boostersEdit

Boosters can be unlocked when you reach a certain level which will get you three free boosters of the boosters which are said to be released in that episode. The game board refers to this as "unlocking boosters."

After that, you can buy more boosters if you want to use them.

You can also get free boosters in various ways. You can be awarded boosters by completing usually 10 levels in some games by, and refill your lives. There is one booster that is only available when a Facebook or friend sends you one, namely the +3 moves booster.

As of November 27, 2013, players can obtain free Boosters every day from the Daily Booster Wheel.

As of April 22, 2014, some players can obtain free Boosters by collecting Sugar Drops on specially marked levels.

List of BoostersEdit

Candy CrushEdit

Booster Name Effect Icon
Plus 10 sec Adds 10 extra seconds to the game. 10 seconds
Live hints Gives the player "live hints". Live Hints
Start with colour bomb Starts the game with a Colour Bomb. Start with Colour Bomb
Start at level 2 for higher scores Starts the game at level two. Start at level 2
Start with wrapped next to striped Starts the game with a Wrapped Candy next to a Striped Candy. Stripe+Wrapped

Candy Crush SagaEdit

There are many types of boosters in the game. Some boosters are only available in certain level types.

Note: Boosters shown in bold mean the boosters are available only in Facebook version, not in mobile.

Booster Name Levels In-game Description Effect Unlocked Icon
Lollipop Hammer All Smash a candy! Click on a candy (or blockers, except Chocolate Spawner, ingredients) to destroy it or even jellies. Level 7
Booster lollipop hammer
Extra Moves (+5) All, except Timed Levels Activate now to get 5 extra moves! Adds 5 additional moves. Level 8
Booster extra moves 5
Jelly Fish Jelly Levels Adds Jelly Fish candies to the candy mix, which clears three pieces of jelly when you match three candies! Summons 3 jelly fishes to eat jellied candies at random. For more effects with Jelly Fish, see Special Candies (Combinations section). Level 9
Booster jelly fish
Colour Bomb All Start the game with a Colour Bomb! Start with a colour bomb on the screen. For more effects with Colour Bomb, see Special Candies (Combinations section). Level 13
Booster color bomb
Coconut Wheel Ingredients Levels Add powerful Coconut Wheels to the candy mix! Turns three candies into striped candies. For more effects with Coconut Wheel, see Special Candies (Combinations section). Level 15
Booster coconut wheel
Free Switch All Switch two candies that don't match! Allows you to switch 2 candies that don't match. However, this booster still allows you to switch 2 candies that match. Level 19
Booster free switch
Extra Time Timed Levels Start the game with 15 extra seconds play time! Gives the player 15 extra seconds on Timed Levels. Level 27
Booster extra time
Striped and Wrapped All Start the game with a wrapped and a striped candy! Start with one striped and one wrapped candy on the screen. 600px-Facebook icon 2013.svg: Level 35
Smartphone icon: Level 34
Booster striped and wrapped
Sweet Teeth All Teeth with a sweet tooth. Very fond of chocolate, liquorice and marmalade. Oh the sweet marmalade! Eats several candies, Liquorice Lock blockers, ChocolateLiquorice SwirlsIcing and Marmalade. Level 52
Booster sweet teeth
Bomb Cooler Levels with visible candy bombs on screen at the beginning of the level Adds 5 to the countdown of all visible bombs! Adds five extra moves to Candy Bombs. If there's no bombs on screen when you start the level (if they are coming later, or are in dispensers). the booster will be not avaliable for an unknown reason... Level 97
Booster bomb cooler
Lucky Candy Candy Order Levels Adds Lucky Candy to the candy mix, which will transform into useful candy when removed! Check-mark balls which yield a special candy (or regular candy, if the level has only regular candy order). Level 131
Booster lucky candy
Bubblegum Troll Levels with chocolate spawners Unleash the Bubblegum Troll to remove all the chocolate and put a stop to the evil chocolate spawners! Removes all chocolate and blocks all the chocolate spawners in the game for 5 moves. Level 156
Booster bubblegum troll
Extra Moves (+3) All except Timed Levels Gift from a friend! Start the level with 3 extra moves! Sent by friends, adds 3 additional moves. N/A (only by friend on Facebook)
Booster extra moves 3
Shuffle None (Discontinued) Appeared in Beta version Shuffles the candies like it would when you are unable to make a move. However, this booster has been removed. Level 43
Restore Balance Dreamworld Restore Odus the owl's balance to stop him from falling. Odus will keep his power! Only if a player fails a level, they will have the option to buy this booster. Then it will freeze the Moon Scale for 5 moves so no matter what Odus will not fall. Unlocked at the beginning.
Restore Balance 130x130 size (2)
Moon Struck Dreamworld Release the Moonstruck effect and it removes at least one candy colour for 5 moves! It will cause a Moon Struck to occur when clicked. It lasts 5 moves. Level 15 (Dreamworld)
Unknown (2)


  • Shuffle booster

    The Shuffle booster, currently unavailable for unknown reasons.

    Not counting +3 moves and shuffle booster, there are a total of 12 boosters with unlocking levels.
  • Many players don't like using boosters as they believe it is a form of cheating and they aren't completing the level honestly, and some may give up on purpose.
  • Shuffle booster was unlocked on level 43, but is no longer available for unknown reasons.
  • Level 236 is the only known level that forbids the use of the lucky candy, colour bomb, and striped + wrapped boosters at the same time. The fact that it starts with all mystery candies on the board really does defeat the purpose of boosters.
  • If you click the booster and there are 0 moves left, it will waste the booster since the "Game Over" screen takes over. 
  • If you play and unlock boosters on another platform and then connect to Facebook, the boosters will be unlocked the next time you play on Facebook.

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