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Booster bomb cooler

Bomb Cooler is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that is first introduced in level 97. It adds 5 extra moves to all visible candy bombs to delay their explosion. For example, if a candy bomb has 4 moves before exploding, it will add another 5 moves, increasing the number of moves to 9. It can only be used in levels that start off with candy bombs already on the board.


Old description: Add 5 to the countdown of all visible bombs.

Current description: Click to increase the countdown of all visible bombs. It'll keep you alive for longer! Use now!

Description on mobile devices: You're so close! Increase the countdown of all bombs to 5 now!


  • When a bomb is about to explode, the player is prompted with the option to purchase a bomb cooler booster to play on. However, the bomb cooler only shows up in your list of items on a level that starts with candy bombs on the board. Most levels that contain bombs in candy cannons do not start with bombs visible, meaning that you can only use the bomb cooler by purchasing it on those levels. This can be problematic on some levels, such as pre-nerfed level 275 or on a level with candy bombs with a low move limit.
  • This booster is not available on levels where there's no visible candy bombs on screen when you start the levels and when bombs can only appear with a dispenser.
  • This is one of the boosters that you can't get from the daily booster wheel.


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